Dr. Glasser is the only optometrist in the Washington, DC area who has advanced training in caring for users of computers and digital devices, having received his certification at the University of California-Berkeley. 

We provide specialized care to computer users and their unique visual needs.

Depending upon what type of computer is used, what type of work is being done, and the office conditions (lighting and glare source), testing is performed and recommendations are made to relax the eyes and remove some of the major sources of visual strain.

If you are like most of our patients, you use a computer as part of your daily routine. However, until now, there have been no specialized testing procedures and instrumentation to help those individuals who work on a computer and experience eye or vision problems. This has now changed and Dr. Glasser can help with:

  • Simulated computer screen for near work testing
  • Display of ergonomic products
  • Focusing ability and stamina testing
  • Software for visual testing on the patients own computer at home or office
  • Prescribing of specialized computer use eyeglass and contact lenses

When the majority of the work day is spent in front of a computer, it becomes paramount to have the eyes work with the least amount of effort. Conditions such as computer induced dry eyes, focusing problems, fatigue, and headache are addressed as part of this service. This process also teaches the patient how to take steps towards a more comfortable visual and computer safe environment.

What you can do to ease computer strain


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