No two people work the same or play the same. Recognizing these variations is the difference between an optometrist that tests to see an eye chart and one that truly evaluates the needs of the patient.

D.C. area residents work long hours and have jobs that constantly put a strain on their eyes and affect their overall visual health. Dr. Glasser is dedicated to the correction and preservation of your vision by focusing on your specific needs first.

As the world progresses, we all have come to understand the importance of healthy eating, exercising, and seeing our doctor regularly. However, very few people realize that good eye health is just as important.

Many people do not regularly see their eye care doctors. Most of them wait until their vision is blurry, they cannot see their extended hand, or they are having issues with their eyes.

For some, the problems are easily solved through a quick visit to the eye doctor and probably a prescription for contacts or eye glasses. However, for others, this last minute visit is already too late and diagnosis is grim.

The World Health Organization says that over 75% of the world’s blindness is preventable. Oftentimes there are no symptoms and early detection could have prevented permanent loss of vision.

One in five people in the United States are at risk for vision loss and, sadly, many of those problems could have been addressed through preventive eye care.